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Title: Mini-Itx Case
Created: 23.10.2010 23:56

Assembled and running.
There is 5mm free space between pump and radiator.
Assembled and runnin...
Corsair H70 with modded tubing.
Corsair H70 with mod...
Corsair H50 vs. H70

H70 block/pump is just right height to this project.
Corsair H50 vs. H70...
Hdd rack.
Hdd rack.
That's a tight fit.

H50 block/pump is too big, I need to buy H70 and make shorter tubing.
That's a tight fit....
New cover
New cover
New backpanel and bottom with notch to psu.
New backpanel and bo...
New size: 32x30x16cm
New size: 32x30x16cm...

New case build.
I'm building as small case as possible, using mini-itx motherboard, 9" long GPU, atx sized PSU and watercooling.
New case build....