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Title: New desk
Created: 23.07.2012 17:56
Computer desk build from oak wood.
And done... Didn't install the speakers shelves yet because amatuerish design flaw. :(
And done... Didn't i...
Some progress on the desk, still missing the aluminium leg. Speaker stands and dualscreen stand will be mounted after I get the leg from ikea.
Some progress on the...
Parts for upcoming computer desk, other leg not included but it will be aluminium. Black parts are "shelves" for speakers. Cat's not part of the plans, maybe? :)
Parts for upcoming c...
A turret?
A turret?

Title: Mini boombox
Created: 19.07.2011 15:13

Inside the boombox. Yes, it is build from 2 Pringles speakers. :D Backplate held by 4 cabinet magnets, works like charm. :)
Inside the boombox. ...
Back of the boombox, nothing too fancy there. ;P
Back of the boombox,...
Mini boombox/ghettoblaster/speakerset I build. Sound quality is not bad actually, and it's surprisely loud.
Mini boombox/ghettob...

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Self made "Sun in a jars". Smaller ones ain't illuminating since they have smaller capacity batteries so they don't have enough juice to last till dark, they'll be replaced eventually.
Self made "Sun ...
Self made "Sun in a jars".
Self made "Sun ...
Finally got decent speaker setup. :)
Finally got decent s...
"Inside" look to the mousepad.
"Inside" l...
Just a quick mousepad mod. Little bit of plexiglass, old UV light and dremeling. :)
Just a quick mousepa...
My command center. :)
My command center. :...
Second speaker stand ready. :)
Second speaker stand...
Speaker stand
Speaker stand...