Nick: Zesti  Info
Age: 35
Location: Tampere



Title: ZOE
Created: 09.08.2011 17:31

MB: Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3
CPU: i5-3570K
GPU: HD5850
RAM: Ripjaws-Z 16GB
SSD: Vertex 3 120GB
PSU: Strider Plus 750W
+ Aquaero 5 Pro

And yes, I'm running this system open air for now.
Got it assembled finally..
Got it assembled fin...
Current situation.. Still so much to do.
Current situation.. ...
Here's current situation for this case..
Here's current situa...
Yay, new hardware incoming. (:
Yay, new hardware in...
Slowly progressing. Got dummy MB mounted etc.
Slowly progressing. ...
Shell is now bent from one meter long piece of aluminum. ;)
Shell is now bent fr...
Some L-profile bent.. Bending went much easier than I thought. :)
Some L-profile bent....
Start for a fan mount.
Start for a fan moun...
A bit more progress on the chassis.
A bit more progress ...
Another piece.
Another piece....
Autumn brought along a new case project.. (:
Autumn brought along...