Nick: Zesti  Info
Age: 35
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 01.06.2011 20:27
Categories: Full case

Zesti - Slowly getting there.

Slowly getting there.

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13.06.2011 19:31 LgnLooking good!
05.06.2011 22:07 metalfusionhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/10%25_of_brain_myth
05.06.2011 21:45 DJanneso, tell me how much we really use?
05.06.2011 19:49 Voryonthat's actually just a myth that we only use a small % of our brain :)
05.06.2011 16:03 DJanneSo you mean that only 30% of your mb works?
05.06.2011 15:56 BlazaxI have the same motherboard whic i have, pretty old one but have worked like a human brains
02.06.2011 15:25 rebelmonA custom diy Lian-Li? This will be amazing.
02.06.2011 14:02 ZestiThat mobo is just a mock-up. Real one is Crosshair IV Formula.
02.06.2011 13:21 DJannehope u will get new mb...
02.06.2011 10:31 Japalauu, nice :)
02.06.2011 10:10 nanolookin good. Seems like this case won't be overheating :) Ep: that looks like an atx mobo.
01.06.2011 21:11 EpTheModderFor ITX mobos, right..? ;)
01.06.2011 21:10 EpTheModder[FIN] Tommone sopivan kokone koppa