Nick: Zesti  Info
Age: 35
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 31.07.2012 16:02
Categories: Full case

Zesti - Got it assembled finally..

Got it assembled finally..

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01.08.2012 21:06 ZestiHaha, thanks guys! Oh, and place at ASM is F13/10. ;)
01.08.2012 20:55 JipaV My thoughts exactly... Although in the format of "and what do you wish for best case this year" :D Damnit, it's getting a touch weary.
01.08.2012 19:15 willekThis is coolest case winner right here. I'll come check it out too if you reveal where you sit. :)
01.08.2012 14:05 nanoProfessional quality right there. You should start turning these into profit. Seating at asm? I want to see this live
31.07.2012 22:39 mofupoSick
31.07.2012 19:30 GammalfGoddamned looks like a render image. so amazing
31.07.2012 17:33 JapalaAnother winner gets born?! :)