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I got free RROD Xbox 360 from a friend and I fixed it by reflowing motherboard with heat gun.

I didn't want that Xbox would overheat anymore, so I added one fan to blow right to the gpu and one near the cpu. Only way to make fan to blow to the gpu was to remove the dvd-drive and put it to the roof with longer sata-cable. There is duct tape on front panel so that air wouldn't come out there.

It isn't pretty at all, but it is working and I'm happy with it. I also noticed when I was already playing with this that I could have put the cpu's extrafan inside the case, not outside like it is now.
I got free RROD Xbox...
Tape "mod" to my NZXT Lexa Blueline. I taped two pieces of postcard-cardboard at the bottom of side panel, so that it won't resonate. Now it doesn't resonate at all. I suggest this to all that has problem with resonating side panel. And you can't see this to outside.
Tape "mod"...
NZXT Lexa Blueline door "mod". Check this video for more information: 

Now I don't have to open door manually if I wanna use the memorycard reader :P

I had to put paper between the magnets so that dvd-drive can open the door.
NZXT Lexa Blueline d...
Coolermod to my ATI Radeon 9200SE :)
Coolermod to my ATI ...
At summer my modem gets little bit hot, and I have to cool it with table fan that I wouldn't get kicked out of games cause of high ping and my internet wouldn't be so slow. But now I had to use table fan to cool down myself, so I put old cpu fan to cool down modem. It gets power from empty LaCie external hard-drive case which gives 12v power :) And this really works! Internet doesn't lag so much with this :P
At summer my modem g...