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Title: Old ones
Created: 28.05.2009 00:01
My old computers and stuff
A little closer look into my computer:
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 
Graphics card: Ati Radeon 4870HD
Motherboard: Asus M2N
Case: AKASA infiniti ZOR
CPU cooler: Noctua NH-C12P
RAM: 2gt

And that's it, Waiting for the summer to get some money For new components and Water cooling system
A little closer look...
My desktop, with my new computer on it (almost the same as the old one but this has a new graphics card, new case ofc and better cooling)
My desktop, with my ...
My old Computer Mikromikko Indiana Modded 
-Amd athlon X2 4800mhz
-Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT
-Motherboard: asus M2N
My old Computer Mikr...
My Furby and his friend
My Furby and his fri...
This is my old Computer and my furby.
This is my old Compu...

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Heres the picture that Jipa took for coolest case competition.

my microwave oven computer at assembly summer 2011

There you can see the part that I had to add to fit that beastly sized 5970 inside the case, also some paint runoffs again.
Heres the picture th...
So I bought a new monitor from my friend yesterday. and I'm still waiting for those new graphic cards so that I can get 3 monitor support.
So I bought a new mo...
Yep its my new christmas decoration :3
Yep its my new chris...
my new motherboard.
my new motherboard....
missing only the graphic cards: 2x ati radeon 5970 :3
missing only the gra...
My new computer, See the project.
My new computer, See...
ASM Summer '09 computer ready and almost working : D
ASM Summer '09 compu...
Thought that This might be a good place to add this image : D, that christmas trees base is a motor, and its inside a Working computer :D. (The motor runs the tree around so that you can see all the decorations :P) Ugly tree though
Thought that This mi...
This Is where all the shit happens, It's a bit messy place to do anything but I'm fine with it : D
This Is where all th...
Now with the necessities installed, I mean those UV cold cathodes
Now with the necessi...
Sorry for stealing someones idea, don't remember whose idea it was, but here's my DIY iRack.
Sorry for stealing s...
Guess what my next casemod will be :D
Guess what my next c...
Made a new one :P, this one is portable. it uses batteries
Made a new one :P, t...
I made new Wire for my furby coz' the old one was too short. the thing next to the furby is my 6 V transformer for the furbys LEDs, Im going to make HDD eyez  for this. 
Finally some progress here, I bought the stuff for the hdd eyez, now I just have to think how I'm going to do it
I made new Wire for ...
My cool thermometer what I bought for 5 @ tarjoustalo, it tells me my CPU temperature.
My cool thermometer ...