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Age: 28
Location: Tampere



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1 gb memorystick modded in to old zippo..
1 gb memorystick mod...
Updated shot of my datacorner..

Two eee's and other is running xp and other is with stock-linux..

Gonna put xp to other one next weekend..
Updated shot of my d...
Got new phone.. Nokia 5800.
Got new phone.. Noki...
Playing with peltier element 60wats..

We boiled water and frozed money..

Peltier is from Xbox360 minifridge bought from opening of verkkokauppa.com with 50 cents..
Playing with peltier...
All the boxes. :D
All the boxes. :D...
Abit IP35P

Intel Core 2 Duo 3507mHz E8400

Kingston value ram 2x2GB @ 1066mHz

nVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512mb ddr3 OC-edition

CPU-cooler is nexus's LXM-8200
Abit IP35P
Its all hand painted and wehmis gave me idea to paint pikachu that is actually a joke..
Its all hand painted...
I used 7 hours to do this. But all the way, i used ducti-tape on the top panel, and thick lightcable on the lights. This mod is really cool but because my hurry i didnt finished it wel and now some of buttons need more power than others, but DAMN ITS COOL!
I used 7 hours to do...