Nick: spekka  Info
Age: 28
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 26.01.2009 21:27

spekka - Got new phone.. Nokia 5800.

Got new phone.. Nokia 5800.

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27.01.2009 17:02 rippeMe neither :D
27.01.2009 16:57 verrui've got same phone, not gonna upload picture here........
27.01.2009 15:33 kimboVery nice phone, if i wouldn't have less than 1 year old phone i would definitely buy one too. BTW http://www.tube5800.com/ is some kind of 5800-fansite, there is some stuff for that phone
27.01.2009 15:24 rippethere's some for you ;)
27.01.2009 15:24 rippeebuddy for msn, Accuweather for weather ;) you can download weather app from Lataa! then nokia handwriting calculator :P
27.01.2009 15:02 spekkaWell google maps of course anf opera mini.. I might want some links to good apps too ;)
27.01.2009 10:26 rippeI got mine as x mas present and costed 350 do you have any Good apps for it? You could maybe link some ;)
26.01.2009 22:07 spekkaMasse: It was 359
26.01.2009 22:01 MasseHow much did you pay for that? Mine cost ~356