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Age: 36



Uploaded: 13.03.2009 23:38
Categories: Full case

pete21 - my scratched ish custom case build.not yet finishedwww.myPCbuild.piczo.com to follow this build. this case stands 4 ft of the fl

my scratched ish custom case build.not yet finished
www.myPCbuild.piczo.com to follow this build. this case stands 4 ft of the floor everything including ram will be water-cooled.4 120mm fans with nose cones &leds on the front of case also extractor fans on the back. inappropriate comments will be reported and deleted so be nice please :-) hope you like.

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02.09.2009 19:03 pertti85is that finished picture really about your porject, it doesnt look the same one
15.03.2009 22:24 pete21iv had that website for years.its free so i can only do so much to it.i dont have time no more to do changes to it.its just somewhere for people to follow my builds:-)
15.03.2009 17:16 ReguMaybe your first website? I know that feeling...gotta get every nice "bling bling"
15.03.2009 01:08 aMigaHoly cheez :O
14.03.2009 23:18 laurilrhttp://mypcbuild.piczo.com/?g=40683713&cr=2 It took 5 seconds to find it :P But gotta agree, website has too much flashing things etc..
14.03.2009 22:52 verruCan you tell me where is this mod at your website. It's really BAD, cant even find one mod from modsite.
14.03.2009 21:21 pete21it will be floor standing so its not that bad:-) another story if it was on my desk lol i wanted to build something extreme and over the top. am using cutom built water blocks and the hoses for them are twice the size of standerd size.
14.03.2009 17:48 rippei think it looks like a sky scraper! Too high!
14.03.2009 11:49 killabee86aargh your site made me feel sick :D too much everything, this looks nice though
14.03.2009 09:33 CaineLol great, just put wheels on the bottom
14.03.2009 00:07 pete21i would need a crane to move it anywere lol.its so heavy! and no hardware in yet
14.03.2009 00:05 ReguTake away lan case :D
13.03.2009 23:46 pete21the bottom of the case will be for water reserve tank/radiators/and pumps