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Age: 36



Uploaded: 25.03.2009 01:54
Categories: Full case

pete21 - my build so far.. video here>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8fyxAzeceE

my build so far.. video here>

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31.03.2009 00:57 pete21new video update> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoyF5o4UkSU
28.03.2009 21:16 pete21the fronts are 4 120mm fans and the small ones at top and bottom 40mm the back panel are 40mm too
28.03.2009 15:54 Hene987Hell no.
28.03.2009 15:53 ReguIf those at backpanel are 80mm... ;)
28.03.2009 15:47 DJanne80mm
28.03.2009 15:36 ReguWhat fans are those at front? over 120mm?
28.03.2009 14:02 pete21thanks jariko will do :-)
28.03.2009 11:37 YarikoGo to som hobby shops to find radio controlled airplanes and ask do they have spare parts for them, like nose cones.
28.03.2009 01:28 YoshiThat should do the trick too :)
28.03.2009 00:07 pete21thats what i thou..but i cant get hold of any fireworks just yet :P i was thinking on making my own maybe make a mould hen fill it with liquid foam
28.03.2009 00:04 YoshiFirst thing that comes to my mind is new year rocket's heads which could be trimmed to just right size and then painted. They would also be light and thus won't stress the fan.
27.03.2009 19:55 pete21anyone no were i can buy a nose cone to make the 120mm fans turbine? has to be in uk?if anyone knows
26.03.2009 17:46 ZseLotHYea... costs like more than 20 ;P It comes cheaper to mode one of its own...
26.03.2009 15:14 laurilrIt's one heck of a converter ;)
26.03.2009 12:13 ZseLotHChool... People need to convert 12cm to 120mm.. have fun.
26.03.2009 08:02 ReguMake new backplate where is 2x120mm holes.
26.03.2009 07:56 pAbn12cm to 120mm converter :P
25.03.2009 23:25 pete21i will try but am sure there is no way unless i use a 12cm to 120mm converter..if you can even get them lol
25.03.2009 16:59 ReguModder can fit 2x120mm fans there ;)
25.03.2009 16:53 HaoKiWon't a single 120mm fit there?
25.03.2009 15:38 pete21i wish there was room for 12cm fans :-P them 8cm only just fit :-(
25.03.2009 14:43 YarikoStarting to look like something...
25.03.2009 11:31 laurilrHm, 8cm rear fans even it looks like there is space for 12cm :o
25.03.2009 08:32 HaoKithat is absolutely huge :)