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Rieju RRX Spike -07. Bought this from AVK. Goes 70km/h and accelerates as hell. :)
(Must have moped pic)
Rieju RRX Spike -07....
One week of painting and here is the result. 
That is Sonata 3 in pieces and painted with matte black and lac. (Kirkas lakka)
Took 2 and half can matte black spray and 1 can lac. 
Pretty good paint although the warehouse where I painted, was very dusty and tiny hairs was flying everywhere.
One week of painting...
Cutted the sides with angle grinder. I will finish those corners and handle with dremel.
Cutted the sides wit...
My first engraving. Took 1.5h to do. I used #118 tip for lines and #7105 for shadow. (Dremels typenumbers) Comments and tips are welcome!
My first engraving. ...
I was shopping today and here is result. 
130x45x3 Acryl 5e
Cotech dremel copy 17e
Tools to cotech 23e
Glue gun 8e
Shrinking tube 2e
60 pack of resistors 7e
Super tape 6e

Total= 64e

Next some modding! 
I practice engraving on acryl. Then I make window to my case and little modding. I'm waiting my hard drive back because I lended it to my fathers friend. Then I can finish my VCR PC project. 

You don't have to complain "Where is the mod" Mods will come soon. :)
I was shopping today...
Lapped littlebit with P240 paper. It's not über good, but better than before. There was layer of burned shit on the cooler. 5 years ago it was called thermal paste. ;)
Made a little finishing touch after took the picture. 
Camera angle was bad, but it was the best pic. 

Oh, and this was just some fast test.
Lapped littlebit wit...
Painted my DVD-Drive to black yesterday when electricity was down.
Painted my DVD-Drive...
My room. Please ignore that wallpaper. :D 
Have to take that aku ankka thing off and put some car there. :p
My room. Please igno...
So here it is! 

Q6600 G0
MSI P45 Neo-F
4Gb Corsair XMS2 800MHz DDR2
Club 3D HD4850
Antec Sonata 3 with EA-500
Old Lite-On Burning CD/DVD
Two 31cm blue coldcathodes
Home Premium 64-bit
So here it is! ...
SuperPI 1M in 2min 13s. :D 
And I got my heat record, 35C. (95F)

Prosessor: Intel Celeron A4 2GHz. 20x100MHz V1.57
Too bad that I can't overclock this becourse I have so shitty mobo. I think so, or I'm stupid.
SuperPI 1M in 2min 1...
My computer. I dont see any dust in the case...

Intel Celeron A4 2GHz
Some Gigabyte motherboard
256Mt RAM
Integrated craphics card
40Gt HDD
My computer. I dont ...
~3 months old.
~3 months old. ...
Our dog. About ten weeks old in this pic.
Our dog. About ten w...