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Title: ASMW09
Created: 20.02.2009 14:54
Assembly winter 09
My Place B9/1

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I try to hide wires :/
I try to hide wires ...
My new case TT armor+mx with liquid cooling ... I haven't update my pictures for a while so now it's time for that :D
And still same shit hardware :D only graphicscard changed to Nvidia GF 9800GT  :)
My new case TT armor...
some stereo system :)
some stereo system :...
My desk atm and I got new computer for free :D
Compaq Presario 6640fi
AMD Athlon 2200+
20Gb HD
768mb ddr ram
integrated graphics s3 video
My desk atm and I go...
the most important of soundsystem, subwoofers :)
got new subwoofer Peerless resolution 10" :)
and this is atm system :)
Peerless resolution 10" ~160wrms, 400wmax = Blaupunkt Gta 200 400wmax
Mac Audio 12" 150 wrms ,  500wmax = MDS Classic C2 400wmax
Pro Audio 15" wrms?, 1000wmax = Denver Cap-4100 800wmax
the most important o...
screen, about 100" picture :)
screen, about 100&qu...
my movie theatre :)
Epson mp5100
htpc is behind the sofa
my movie theatre :)...
Acer Aspire one 110A
with win xp pro and 1Gb ram added :)
Acer Aspire one 110A...
I throw deuzer to school and buy mac audio mpbox 300 and amplifier for that, blaupunkt gta 200  and power to blaupunkt I have antec truepower 550w :)
I throw deuzer to sc...
I got new screen from santa :)
BenQ E2400HD
also new mouse Ocz dominatrix :)
I got new screen fro...
cooler :)
cooler :)
I bought waterblock to graphics card too :)

Case: Nzxt Classic alpha
Mobo: Asus P5Q
memory: Corsair xms2 800mhz 2Gb
graphics card: Ati Radeon Sapphire x1950xt
Cpu: Intel C2D E7200
LC Power 550w
WD 250Gb
I bought watercoolin system from my friend, same what we used in school project :)
I bought watercoolin...
ready and working :)

Asus A7V8X-X
AMD Athlon MP 1800+ @1,6 GHz, we try to overclock to 1,8Ghz now with water cooling :)
1Gb Kingston ddr 400
Nvidia 6600Gt @ 593/480
Antec TruePower 2.0 550w
WD 80Gb + Seagate 20Gb=system hard drive
Some dvd drive
Silverstone fan speed controller
ready and working :)...
Water cooling test
Water cooling test...
Pics of some school project :)
Pics of some school ...
fof keyboard
fof keyboard...
My fof keyboard but it's not ready yet :)
My fof keyboard but ...
Inside of the main computer
Inside of the main c...
Main computer :) 

Intel Core 2 Duo E7200
Asus P5Q
Corsair 2GB 800mhz
Ati Radeon Sapphire x1950xt
WD 250GB

Microsoft razer reclusa
König gaming laser mouse
Fujitsu siemens 17" monitor
Main computer :) ...
Best place of my room :)
Best place of my roo...
I made my own cs mouse :)
I made my own cs mou...
I made computer in the old dvd player case, it's not powerfull but it's work's fine :) 
Picture was taken in school :)  Sorry about my bad english

Intel Celeron 566Mhz
256MB sdram
Cd rom
I made computer in t...
littlebit older picture
littlebit older pict...
to the sidepanel I made 120mm  hole to fan and put one 10cm coldcatod inside the case :)
to the sidepanel I m...
inside the frontpanel I put one 10cm coldcatod :) car player is Sony cdx-4900r

AMD Athlon XP 2600+
512+256MB ddr ram
Ati Radeon 9200 LE
inside the frontpane...