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Title: Comp. modding
Created: 09.11.2008 22:34
All that has something to do with computer modding
Memorystick: part 2
Fitting some parts
Memorystick: part 2...
I don't remember who, made this kind of mod too (saw here once), 
but I have to say that I got my idea from it :p
So ... MUSTANG is going to evolve to ... memorystick :E
I don't remember who...
* LEDs colour from fans changed (blue -> yellow)
* Fan from the power changed to fan with modded LEDs

In these pics case isint ready yeat, cause I losted my pics :/
Maybe next time I'll uppload final pics
* LEDs colour from f...
My first case mod. ever, made like ... dunno... sometime ago
(Yeah, case is OLD, but that's cause the computer is wanted to be "oldie": running win98se for example)
My first case mod. e...
Added some lights to the keyb.
Added some lights to...

Title: v6 Table
Created: 03.11.2008 22:19
Table made from Opel (Vauxhall) Omega 3.0L v6-motor (x30xe)
Polishing pistons
Polishing pistons...
Connecting Rods, after sandblasting
Connecting Rods, aft...
Block after sandblasting
Block after sandblas...
V6 Table... here we go
V6 Table... here we ...