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Title: Icosahedron
Created: 11.12.2008 16:54
My try with colors
My tryout of the icosahedron,with 5different colors , it was so pose to be that the tops were color full like blue not a mixture a well still like the result after hard work and lots of thinking ^^

Its not mine idea it came from Hochram you can see that project and howto there : 
My tryout of the ico...

Title: The wooden case 2
Created: 11.12.2008 15:39
My second custom made build from scratch case.

This case is with watercooling ,witch i won at a lan
The right side of the case ,like my other mod no cut-out here ,painted figures only.

Also the front can be seen here(i know bad picture but unfortunate i do not have this case in my possession anymore i smashed it to bits ^^ )

Btw this case was watercooled
The right side of th...
The cut-outs like my other mod all with a lot of patience.
The cut-outs like my...
the case with the side lighting
the case with the si...
The plexi that would hold my mobo
The plexi that would...

Title: The wooden case
Created: 11.12.2008 15:28
Second case mod,fully created from zero.

The winning case at our local lan FOM
Here you see the side with cutout's who get there light from the inside.
The special marks are made with plexi 1.5cm thick and coloured leds in it ,as you can see red and blue
Here you see the sid...
Behind the dragonhead
Behind the dragonhea...
Here you have a picture from the inside with and without the lights.
Here you have a pict...
This is the other side ,instead of cut out here are the figures painted.
This is the other si...
This is the front of the case as you can see.

Behind the dragonhead there is cd-rom drive and diskette-drive.
This is the front of...
This is the side ,all the figures are cut-outs.

With this case i won first price at a casemodcompo.

It took a while to finish it.
This is the side ,al...

Title: Stone age casemod
Created: 11.12.2008 15:22
Firts mod ever.
the front with the selfmade fancontroller thingy :d
the front with the s...
the top with one plexi hole in it.
the top with one ple...
First casemod ever

just painted white case with red stones on it nice effect.

Still use this case for secondary pc.
First casemod ever...