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Age: 32



Uploaded: 26.12.2008 20:59
Categories: Other Computer Components

killabee86 - Something Old 36cm Long

Something Old 36cm Long

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27.12.2008 09:23 killabee86i dont't know what that modification is, found it in old video editing comp. haven't found any drivers to it
27.12.2008 02:46 DJanneTiki, that was joke? :D:D
27.12.2008 00:50 Penttipatenttiokay it fits but still :S
27.12.2008 00:50 Penttipatenttilol it says movie line :D pretty long cant even fit to my case
27.12.2008 00:32 aMigaDJanne That is GeForce 8800GTX <---- ROFLMAO, thought that this was a some sort of old "hifi" soundcard =)
27.12.2008 00:08 YoshiDo you have any information of what kinda modification is that ? I have seen one of these and it didn't have that add-on board :D
26.12.2008 23:16 zaketusHmmm some hacks done to that? That brown pcb looks like perfboard
26.12.2008 21:46 verruokii
26.12.2008 21:07 killabee86:D
26.12.2008 21:07 killabee86tv card
26.12.2008 21:07 DJanneThat is GeForce 8800GTX
26.12.2008 21:04 verrusoundcard?