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Uploaded: 05.02.2009 17:27

wii4ever - Windows 7 beta x64

Windows 7 beta x64

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06.02.2009 15:06 wii4everask from laurilr..
05.02.2009 23:12 verruany1 got any guides to ?partite? hdd?
05.02.2009 23:06 YoshiWindows 7 is a lot faster and lighter than vista so i think i'll skip vista totally and move straight from XP to win7
05.02.2009 19:36 JapalaI still haven't tried the new W7 but from what I've seen and heard, it will be leaps ahead from Vista than what the Vista was compared to the Windows XP when it was released. (hehe, hope you get what I'm saying here) More features and new tools. Vista has been fast enough for my use so the speed is not a real issue.
05.02.2009 17:56 wii4everand ms paint is fu*king awsum!!
05.02.2009 17:56 wii4everwindows 7 is much faster than xp
05.02.2009 17:49 kuppazkiwinflip 4 winXP does the same