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Age: 34
Location: Monza

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Title: Camo Yaris
Created: 21.05.2013 23:17
Camo Yaris
Camo tiger stripes black grey blue over some Yaris interiors
See the project!
Camo tiger stripes b...

Title: Hocbook
Created: 12.07.2010 22:12
Hocbook photos
Hocbook, laptop stand

see project

Hocbook, laptop stan...

Title: Lightbox
Created: 09.04.2008 21:41
Cheeeeap lightbox
Reeeeeeallly cheap lightbox :D

Reeeeeeallly cheap l...

Title: Hochram's Reactor
Created: 15.02.2007 22:57
My pc
I made some cable management following EpTheModder's good idea: 

- removed some unused I/O cables
- removed floppy drive
- cut some holes to reroute cables

Yes, I should replace IDE optical drive with a sata one...maybe in the future :D
The result is not as good as the orginal but I'm very happy with it :D
Every idea is welcome
I made some cable ma...
Home-made pc ledlight :D
( light off)
Home-made pc ledligh...
Home-made pc ledlight  :D
Home-made pc ledligh...
Desk modded with two 22cm blue neons, with music control

Here the video : http://www.hochram.altervista.org/Immagini/Out/Deskneon.wmv
Desk modded with two...
My new Pc

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Asus P5b-E
Geforce 8800 GTS
Enermax Liberty 500 W
Case Cooler Master Mystique 631
2x1gb V-Data pc5300 667
DVD +/- LG GSA-H12N Black - 1 pezzo/i
Hdd Hitachi 160Gb S-ATA2
Mouse Logitech LX300
Monitor Samsung SM 931 c

Keyboard is to be changed....
My new Pc

Title: Origami
Created: 09.12.2006 01:21
Five Intersecting Tetrahedra

Diagram here:

Five Intersecting Te...
Five Intersecting Tetrahedra

Diagram here: 

Five Intersecting Te...
Stunning effect... i placed in a 3mm blue led with a mercury switch, so you can switch on/off simply rotating it :D
Stunning effect... i...
A coloured version of the Spiked Icosahedron
A coloured version o...
A little origami :D
A little origami :D...

Title: Hochrycle
Created: 10.10.2006 17:34
My dear bike :D
DIY Saddle built in rear bikelight  

p.s. batteries are temporarily attached with black tape
DIY Saddle built in ...
Just to show that i'm still alive :D
Made some mod to my bike, new fork, new pedals, new grips, nes saddle...
Unfortunately nothing tuned :"((
No other leds....no will to work on in it....only a project of headlight not finished...and i don't know when it will be finished! lol
Just to show that i'...
Hochrycle, back
Hochrycle, back...
Hochrycle, front
Hochrycle, front...
Here is my bike, the Hochrycle :D
Here is my bike, the...

Title: Mobile phone
Created: 10.10.2006 17:33
Experiment with paint...
Front of the painted phone, not perfect and the color it's not the best...i have only red and grey XD
Front of the painted...
My Nokia 6600 's without front cover ( ready to be painted :D)
My Nokia 6600 's wit...
Painting a mobile phone is more entertaining than doing homeworks!
So i did homeworks at 1.00 am :D
Willing to know how long the paint will last 
Painting a mobile ph...

Default album
Monster Skyscraper :D (or better....ceiling scraper lol)

p.s. little work with doublefaced tape, won't stay up long without it
Monster Skyscraper :...
Happy notebook :D
Happy notebook :D...
Should I replace thermal compound?
Should I replace the...
Need a charge?
Need a charge?...
Damn, my nerd level is becoming critical lol
Damn, my nerd level ...
How to do this? lol
 Guesssss, it's not difficult!
How to do this? lol...
An old experiment, used as a firecracker launcher

An old experiment, u...
My deaaarrr :D
My deaaarrr :D...