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Uploaded: 28.06.2007 15:31
Categories: Bicycles | Electronics

Hochram - DIY Saddle built in rear bikelight  p.s. batteries are temporarily attached with black tape

DIY Saddle built in rear bikelight

p.s. batteries are temporarily attached with black tape

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17.10.2011 22:42 HochramIf you need to use it on the street it is good because it's stealth, minor chance they steal it ( with a screw blocked saddle, if you have a QR they'll probably steal the whole saddle :D)
17.10.2011 22:40 HochramThis saddle was for the "city" bike, so no problem for the weight. Obviously it has no sense to do this mod on high level saddles to use on high level bikes ( for MTB), in this case is much better a removable light
17.10.2011 22:19 rebelmonSomething like this would probably fit the Selle italia SLR carbon, but, you know... The weight...... ;) Battery casing, and everything sealed with glue or something will do the work... There's water proof casing available from places such ass deal extreme.
17.10.2011 20:19 Hochramlol, credits are more than enough :P I'm happy that my mod gave you inspiration
17.10.2011 20:15 JjonMaybe I just make the battery pack remowable.... Do you care if I make my own saddle light and upload it to here which is little similar with yours ;) Of course I give you credits ;))
17.10.2011 20:12 HochramMany times I wondered on how to put batteries in the saddle tube ( or in the bike vertical tube) but never tried it. Maybe...
17.10.2011 20:08 JjonYup. Everything else is decided but I have the fu****g problem with the battery pack :/
17.10.2011 20:06 HochramModder spirit vs "I'dont have time and I need it " spirit :P the problem using rubber or similar its hat you are sure it will get moisture inside due to temperature shift and batteries won't be happy ...another solution is to use a removable battery pack or to place it in a safe position using a longer cablem but it's not the same
17.10.2011 19:54 JjonNo that wouldn't be modding ;) Well I just have to think how to make the battery holder water resistant :/
17.10.2011 19:52 HochramOr much more easy you can order one rear bike light ;D , a small and rubber one, easy to take off, I think they are really convenient
17.10.2011 19:51 Hochramwell, in this case led and switch compartment can be made water resistant adding a bit of silicone and youre ready, the problem is the battery holder, you should find a water resistant holder for the batteries.
17.10.2011 19:45 JjonAny idea how to make it water resistant? :/ I was thinking to make it on my bike too but here is waaaayyyy tooo rainy for that :(
17.10.2011 19:41 HochramMaybe next version... :P
17.10.2011 17:57 JjonToo bad it aint water resistant :(
29.06.2007 19:43 HochramYou're right Jipa, the "temporarily" mounted batteries are somewhere on a path lol
29.06.2007 19:19 JipaRating comes when you mount the batteries properly..
29.06.2007 19:19 JipaAt first sight I didn't understand the light was the frosted piece of acryl, now I see... I guess :D Nice.
29.06.2007 16:01 HochramThanks :D
29.06.2007 11:37 HaoKiNice Idea Btw.
29.06.2007 11:37 HaoKiJust to translate, Seo pyörän takavalo joka on rakennettu satulaan.
29.06.2007 11:36 HaoKi:D tossahan se lukee...:)
29.06.2007 06:24 hevinallemikä tämä o?