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Uploaded: 01.05.2009 15:18
Categories: Other Computer Components | Electronics

Hochram - Should I replace thermal compound?

Should I replace thermal compound?

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03.05.2009 11:38 HochramThanks, maybe I'll look for it anywhere else...but i think I won't replace it :P
01.05.2009 20:35 Hene987http://www.jimmspc-store.fi/tuote/AK-TT12-80?t=false
01.05.2009 19:25 HochramBut....I've never seen that tape anywhere... but maybe it's useles worry too much about that, just need a new GPU , my baby is becoming old :P
01.05.2009 19:23 HochramAll suggestions are wellcome :)
01.05.2009 19:08 Hene987Or just put some new paste to core and tape to memorys. That cooler probably won't reach to memorys without that tape.
01.05.2009 18:08 YoshiIn my opinion, there is no need to replace those pads. Just apply some Arctic Silver 5 for the core and slap it together.
01.05.2009 16:09 Hochramthe question is...how can i replace those strange "felt" pads on the other chips? at the moment I reassembled it as it is, no grease available..
01.05.2009 15:58 YarikoI think that the question was bit sarcastic :P
01.05.2009 15:28 kuppazkiwell u cant use the old paste anymore :D so i guess u should clean away the old ones and add sum new.