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Location: Monza

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Uploaded: 18.01.2007 23:23
Categories: Other Computer Components | Jokes

Hochram - My deaaarrr :D

My deaaarrr :D

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14.07.2010 03:31 JohnEdwardyou can't really 'bump' anything in ATM. And oh, the memories of my old 8800...
13.07.2010 22:38 Eeroi lol'd, but then i serious'd at the bump
13.07.2010 21:50 verrui lol'd
08.12.2007 22:58 srloll3rSweet dreams :D
10.06.2007 13:18 vikiOkay.
10.06.2007 13:13 HochramYes, very good...not well exploited yet....
10.06.2007 12:46 vikiNice GeForce 8800. Good to play ?
19.02.2007 23:38 HochramDreams...are just dreams lol, the only way to momentarily forget reality :P
19.02.2007 22:18 ammasDreams can change my life? Tell me how plz. I would really like to change it.
13.02.2007 23:13 Simppau have nooooo life. Haha, Okay this is funny ;P
06.02.2007 22:45 HochramI pretended to dream, dreams are better then a graphic card...you can't buy dreams :P and a graphic card can't change you life lol
06.02.2007 22:41 ammas:O i see the card in my dreams,but u are dreaming on that card...
22.01.2007 14:58 viki:P
19.01.2007 12:57 HochramReally impressive... http://hochram.altervista.org/Immagini/Out/PICT1648.JPG http://hochram.altervista.org/Immagini/Out/PICT1649.JPG
19.01.2007 12:53 HochramLoL, when the new monitor arrives i'm going to post the desk photos....now i'm working on a 14" XD
19.01.2007 12:28 JipaI hope you rescued the card before drooling all over the package? :) Nice card, I guess we wont hear about you for a while as you plaay nonstop with that thing.
19.01.2007 08:34 Japalahehe, I was bit shocked first when I saw the small version on the front page. :) 8800 would be nice indeed... but perhaps I'll wait till there are true dx10 titles available to play.
19.01.2007 08:11 Yoshiu REALLY bought a GeForce 8800 ? :O