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Age: 31
Location: Monza

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Uploaded: 06.11.2012 00:28
Categories: Other Hobbies or sports | Furniture

Hochram - Monster Skyscraper :D (or better....ceiling scraper lol)p.s. little work with doublefaced tape, won't stay up long without it

Monster Skyscraper :D (or better....ceiling scraper lol)

p.s. little work with doublefaced tape, won't stay up long without it

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14.11.2012 20:26 HochramAhaha, could be... last game was Bulletstorm, during All souls day long weekend, it lasted less than three days... latest games are tho short...or maybe I overplay them :P
14.11.2012 17:43 EpTheModderprepping for black ops 2, i see :D
08.11.2012 21:18 HochramMaybe tha taste isn't very good....but it's identical to cappuccino! in italy at least
08.11.2012 21:13 petexOnly seeing that Monster X-presso can makes me feel sick. Maybe the worst energy drink I've ever tasted.
07.11.2012 19:44 JipaRedbull cola was disgusting. Kinda brought back memories of long car trips when I was a child, and how stale the cola got after 5 hours in a hot car...
07.11.2012 19:35 HochramYou lucky.... :D Personally I prefer Monster, then Burn and some other minor brands... Red Bull is at the bottom of the list....especially Red Bull cola, that is really undrinkable, urghh. The 500 ml Burn can comes from France
07.11.2012 19:25 DJanneThat Burn is da best.. too bad they doesnt sell it in here finland
07.11.2012 19:18 lossdriverI got about a trunk load of that crap from Finnish skateboarding championships for free, ended up giving it away to people who visited me :D
07.11.2012 18:59 JipaTastes like soap..
07.11.2012 17:13 JapalaTrying to counter that by only drinking sugar free versions...
07.11.2012 16:39 ReguI´m waiting somebody to release energy drink named teethbegone :D
06.11.2012 19:59 HochramI started drinking Monster when I first found it in a market at seaside in August 2009. It was a magic moment lol, I entered the market with my gf and saw a fridge full of them.... love at first sight :D I bought a lot of them (see the pic http://imageshack.us/a/img203/1928/monstalove.jpg ) . I like them but definitely it's not an addiction, I drink it when I'm too lazy or when I need a boost up :)
06.11.2012 07:21 JapalaNice collection. How long did it take to drink all of this? :)