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And finally the updated rig in all its glory, still needs another 1Tb HDD for raid 0 and then its time to start planning for the next rig!
And finally the upda...
Guess what UPS brought me today
Guess what UPS broug...
Update day! Been updating from the old rig for a while now, started off with a used Lanparty DK 790FX-M3H5 which I bought from an auction, later on found out the mobo had faulty PCI-lanes, crashing the system constantly and overvolting the cpu with a whopping 1,5V right away. 
Then got myself a Crosshair IV Formula and a new memoryset from Corsair to replace the Mushkins that didnt work properly with the Phenom 965. 
Sold the Formula about a month ago because it didnt quite suite my needs and bought the MSI 890FXA-GD70 as replacement, and so far I'm very pleased with it.
CPU - Phenom II X4 965BE C3 @ 3,9Ghz with Corsair H50 (2 fan setup now, push-pull with fresh air being sucked into the case)
MEM - Corsair 8Gb 1333Mhz CL9 four stick set for Phenom-processors
GPU - Powercolor 5850 PCS+
PSU - Corsair HX850
+ bunch of HDD's which will be replaced with a sata 6GB/s SDD and another 1TB WD Black to team up with the existing one to make raid 0.
Case is a Lian Li PC-8FIB.
Update day! Been upd...
Best overclocking results with old setup

Nice and stable 760 MHz/1045 MHz with temperatures well within limits. Also tried to push the cpu further but with no luck. 3150 MHz is achievable but it had so little difference to performance that I decided to stick with the 3,1 GHz.
3,2 GHz was SO close but it always crashed in the last cpu-test.
As for the gpu, 770 was stable in furmark but no score was achieved in vantage. 

Components used were: 
AMD Athlon X2 4800+ with Noctua NH-U12P
Asus Radeon HD4850 1Gb with AC Accelero S1 rev2
Abit AN-M2
3 GB's of your everyday Kingston DDR2 800 MHz
Xilence 600W and a few hard drives
Best overclocking re...
Old setup

Old setup
Radeon 4850 from old setup

Card is running with modified GPUbios, idle-state 250/700 MHz, 3D/gaming 720/1010 MHz. Max. temperatures are 68'C/76'C, idle-temperature is a chilly 35'C. Everything is nice and stable, no artefacts or flickering thanks to the new voltages set in the bios.
I'll do some more under and overclocking later but for the moment I'm pleased with these results.

EDIT 23.11.2010 SOLD! Cleaned, flashed and equipped with new memsinks and paste for the Accelero.
Radeon 4850 from old...