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Age: 26
Location: Helsinki



Uploaded: 14.01.2010 16:57
Categories: Room and Desk Shots

tuhoojabotti - Finally got my second 24" monitor after selling my old 22" to WeTzQ.

Finally got my second 24" monitor after selling my old 22" to WeTzQ.

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16.07.2010 09:06 tuhoojabottiI could sell Orange Box and Enemy Territory Quake Wars.
13.07.2010 23:43 DJanneSo u sell some games?
08.07.2010 10:22 DJanneU have some games that u liked to sell? Gimme ur hotmail ;)
24.06.2010 08:18 tuhoojabotti@DJanne, Sorry it's the basic 20GB one. I don't use my xbox alot nowadays anyways, I have turned to PC gaming.
23.06.2010 10:37 DJanneIf you have 60GB or bigger HDD on that X360, would u like to sell it? or change it to 20GB and ?
23.06.2010 08:18 tuhoojabotti@WeTzQ Yeah well, I was supposed to start my own case mod, but then I got a job, so now I only have time on the weekends...
22.06.2010 06:53 lossdriverBenaH Anysee usb digibox thingies work with W7 and and perfectly with media center (you can control it with the remote and the media center's TV option is awesome). Also the remote's media controls work universally as media buttons in windows :)
22.06.2010 01:59 fknoobput moar pictures!
26.02.2010 22:12 tuhoojabottiBlazax: I could use it with my right hand, but I don't like it.
26.02.2010 14:42 Blazaxneed to say, your the first man who I have never saw using mouse on left hand, becouse allmost everone woh is left handed, still uses mouse with right hand.
15.01.2010 20:53 BenaHSounds real nice. I have thought about buying a webcam + digiTV USB-dongle when I get the money. I have both already, but they're so old, that they don't have any drivers to Win 7
15.01.2010 18:53 tuhoojabottiBenaH: It's Logitech pro 9000, 2MPix sensor and it can record 720p video. It has nice quality. It has autofocus plus headtracking and other cool stuff. (dno if it is a racist one like in hp computers.) And I took that photo I use as wallpaper. ;-)
15.01.2010 17:28 BenaHThat looks quite nice. :) I would be pleased with that kind of setup. is that webcam a Logitech and does it have automatic adjust/good image quality?
14.01.2010 19:18 tuhoojabottiThanks pertti85, I just threw all the scrap to my drawers and on my bed. :D
14.01.2010 18:16 pertti85ohh, huge difference after u cleaned it =)