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Teaser. Project coming up when I get something done.
Sorry for the shitty picture, had nothing with me than E's camera.
Teaser. Project comi...
My BMX. Felt Bicycles, Ethic. (corrected)

I spent many hours todays when I washed and oiled it. I also set the brakes.
Tomorrow I'll cut some inches from that seat tube. And I'll buy a can of Coca-Cola to wash those tires, today I just had Coca-Cola Cherry and that won't do anything special.
My BMX. Felt Bicycle...
An old case, I'm going to mod it.

Plans are simple; 
A matte black paintwork, and an awesome dark red paint  for decorations and smaller parts e.g. fan meshes and feet. The red paint is in the picture; a real Dr.Pepper can, canned in USA. That's just a sample, I'll go to a paintstore and ask them to mix a liter or two of that color. Maybe I can find exactly the same color from a shelf, hopefully so.
New sidepanels and a new front panel. I'll insert  two 120mm fans in it and an optical drive near the bottom. So the front panel will be left as simply as it's possible. No ugly LEDs, just power on/off LED, I'll drill a hole (2-5mm) for it. I think I'll leave the sidepanels as simply as it's possible too.
The interior will be flipped upside down, PSU, optical drive and HDD on bottom.
Hardware I've been planning:
A mini-ITX motherboard with PCI-E x16 and support for good CPUs; i3, i5 and i7 (I've found a one which supports i7 800-serie). Total RAM is 4 GB. Price is just 120, cheap as it's still a mini-ITX!
520W modular PSU and a new Fermi GeForce. And that green, old and ugly board there is not my final one :P

Case is an old mATX.
An old case, I'm goi...