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Age: 28
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Uploaded: 16.05.2010 02:12
Categories: Home entertainment | Electronics

Laiskiainen - Some small progress with the blaster. :D

Some small progress with the blaster. :D

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18.05.2010 17:41 LaiskiainenExactly, if I remember correct, Visa Electron can only be used on sites where you can find the "Verified by Visa" symbol! Atleast I was told something like this when I got my Visa electron many years ago
18.05.2010 16:59 tuhoojabottiMy bank has an option "Verified by Visa(tm)" which enables the use as a creditcard, but it checks the sum from the account before accepting any orders as designed.
18.05.2010 11:20 LaiskiainenI've only managed to pay with visa electron via "e-maksu" in finnish webstores with "pankkitunnukset"
18.05.2010 10:57 JipaAlso you need to switch on the "Online buying" in the online bank settings.
18.05.2010 10:17 lossdriverI think it depends on the bank whether electron works or not, mine does :)
18.05.2010 00:15 Laiskiainenmy visa was a flop then lol! hmm I think I'm mixing up with some Finnish web stores where it's said Visa cards but then electron doesn't work. Tbh I didn't know Paypal accepted visa electrons! :o
17.05.2010 22:25 drakmini used electron on paypal for years before credit card
17.05.2010 18:36 LaiskiainenI've tried a few times visa electron but can't brag about the results.. not worked even once, but my info can also be outdated so you just have to check it out and try. :)
17.05.2010 18:26 rebelmonOh... Maybe I'll give a try. Don't know why I assumed it's impossible...
17.05.2010 17:56 drakminrebelmon: you can pay even with visa ELECTRON on paypal. atleast nordeas electron used to work (back in the day :D)
16.05.2010 18:26 LaiskiainenAgreed
16.05.2010 17:59 rebelmonI have some 4A fuses and first I thought of putting one fuse in between the amp and the battery too, but there is already one fuse in my amp, so I thought that there's no point in two fuses...
16.05.2010 17:35 LaiskiainenOh okay. Yes atleast I'll be doing it that way. I'm also probably putting a 5A fuse somewhere between the amp and battery.
16.05.2010 15:09 rebelmonJust to make sure: do I put the main power switch between the battery and the amplifier?
16.05.2010 15:06 rebelmonI didn't seek from eBay, since I don't have a possibility to pay via PayPal... I checked some random electronics shops, and did not find anything suitable, so I bought a key operated switch.
16.05.2010 14:51 LaiskiainenHmm where did you look for them? There are millions of choices in eBay and yes the price can incredibly vary from 2 to 100 euros lol! :D I bought the red ones from Vaasan elektroniikkakeskus but they don't sell them anymore because they had a structure flaw and I got the last flawless ones. One of them was from the shop window! :D
16.05.2010 14:37 rebelmonCool! First I thought of buying one of those to be the power switch too, but it was somewhat expensive (20e or smth) so I bought something cheaper.
16.05.2010 13:16 LaiskiainenYup, roger that! :D The chrome one is the main power switch =)
16.05.2010 12:55 rebelmonAre those 3 things on the left corner "rocket launcher" switches?