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Uploaded: 06.05.2011 21:38
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dyyz - my pringles ghettoblaster :Dits a 1w speaker with amplifier

my pringles ghettoblaster :D
its a 1w speaker with amplifier

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08.06.2011 22:17 dyyzrules are made to broken, testing that out tomorrow
08.06.2011 20:36 JohnEdwardI did my first mod to it, put 10 pieces of toiletpaper as a bunch to the bottom and rolled the bubblewrap bag the speaker came in inside the tube. No more metallic ringing. Even tough the manual says "Do not insert any object into the Pringles can while using the speaker" ;D
08.06.2011 18:11 dyyzjohn: post some pics about what it has eaten :d
07.06.2011 23:25 JohnEdwardGot my speakers today, the sound is suprisingly good, but it is very 'metallic' when attached to the can and some higher frequencies ring really irritatingly. Really loud for such a tiny thing tough. I use mine as a speaker for my phone (desire z) for voice calls, a lot better than the built-in speaker, but as it lacks a volume control, a little too loud at night. Also, note that when you finally get it to snap to the pringles can, it will not be an easy job to remove it. Comes with 3 AAA duracel batteries, btw. Not too bad as a free gift. Next, opening one up to see what it has eaten :)
07.05.2011 22:25 dyyzyeah :D
07.05.2011 21:55 JapalaBut you get to eat all the chips too!!!11 ;)
07.05.2011 17:53 dyyzyou can get 3 speakers in total from pringles. one speaker is about 5.40 (because u need to buy 3 cans)
07.05.2011 13:09 JohnEdwardNow just get couple dozen more and make a pringles-speaker-duct-tape-ghettoblaster
07.05.2011 12:35 j037:D
07.05.2011 12:16 dyyzits ok, sound gets a little bit distorted if u have bass booster on and full volume. enough loud for me
07.05.2011 03:43 j037How does it sound? :D