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Age: 38
Location: Laihia



Title: My car!
Created: 28.10.2010 00:19
my own honey :D
My car! Very expensive rims which are ordered from germany. This is gonna be project this winter. I have planned to paint it with black (rims are gonna be red or maybe yellow) It's gonna be sick next summer! See you on road :D
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My car! Very expensi...

Title: Gaming TV!
Created: 28.10.2010 00:14
ahhh. I need to say I love this!
My gaming TV. I have planned to start little project with this
My gaming TV. I have...

Title: Ubuntucase
Created: 27.10.2010 22:28
My first \"real\" project with computers.
The way I planned my project.
The way I planned my...
Ubuntubox #3 , pic from inside. My first real project and I hope you understand. Atleast this project took hell alot time from me.
Ubuntubox #3 , pic f...
ubuntucase #2 Made with cardboard box and tape.
ubuntucase #2 Made w...
Just some old ubuntu case. Got inspiration from friend and made it very cheap way... (only with cardboard box, tape and lots of time)
Just some old ubuntu...