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Title: Ergo Arms Clean Up
Created: 09.08.2017 06:31
Adding a PVC Pipe to clear up the clutters of all the wiring running in the back of my monitor to Gaming Rig
More Up Close shot. I used a Dremel to cut and sand down smoothly.
More Up Close shot. ...
This is the route I decided to go for.
This is the route I ...
As you can see it has a nice round bend to it. It matches my ERGO arms perfectly! 

You can see the drawing on the PVC pipes. I was planning on using Dremel to cut from one end to other then I decided not. I was afraid it would have weaken the PIPE to bend  easily. 

You will see in next Image what I did...
As you can see it ha...
I bought a 10 foot PVC PIPE. I also used duct tape on the end of the PVC pipes. I add the sand inside the PVC pipes. I filled it up and taped it off with duct tape again. 

Then I had to tape and roped one end of the PVC pipe to my ergo curved bar. I then asked my wife to help with the heat gun heating the PVC pipes while I bend it little by little to get the result I wanted. 

It was a headache I tell you. It wouldn't budge at first so I turned up the heat then finally I could feel the nice bend to start happening.
I bought a 10 foot P...
All the wiring clutters! UGH..
All the wiring clutt...