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Created: 12.01.2018 02:07

Another Up Close picture
Another Up Close pic...
Finally Built this Rig.. Forgot to post final pictures.
Finally Built this R...
Final Workmanship
Final Workmanship...
Finally sanded and painted black expoxy color to show off the lettering of my choice for my mobo.. :)
Finally sanded and p...
Will this part messed up if I have it painted Copper? I have a Copper based theme for MOD I want to do.
Will this part messe...

Title: Ergo Arms Clean Up
Created: 09.08.2017 06:31
Adding a PVC Pipe to clear up the clutters of all the wiring running in the back of my monitor to Gaming Rig
More clean now..
More clean now.. ...
More Up Close shot. I used a Dremel to cut and sand down smoothly.
More Up Close shot. ...
This is the route I decided to go for.
This is the route I ...
As you can see it has a nice round bend to it. It matches my ERGO arms perfectly! 

You can see the drawing on the PVC pipes. I was planning on using Dremel to cut from one end to other then I decided not. I was afraid it would have weaken the PIPE to bend  easily. 

You will see in next Image what I did...
As you can see it ha...
I bought a 10 foot PVC PIPE. I also used duct tape on the end of the PVC pipes. I add the sand inside the PVC pipes. I filled it up and taped it off with duct tape again. 

Then I had to tape and roped one end of the PVC pipe to my ergo curved bar. I then asked my wife to help with the heat gun heating the PVC pipes while I bend it little by little to get the result I wanted. 

It was a headache I tell you. It wouldn't budge at first so I turned up the heat then finally I could feel the nice bend to start happening.
I bought a 10 foot P...
All the wiring clutters! UGH..
All the wiring clutt...

Title: Gaming Rig
Created: 27.02.2015 16:10
The Ultimate Gaming Rig!
Here are the specs or the goodies that's going in the CaseLabs... Just need to get few things like plug for the fans. They run two pin so Need to get em pluged into 4. I want em in color black, not those white ends which will look crappy.. Once I get em then I'll be ready to put em together..
Here are the specs o...
The CASELABS gaming rig!
The CASELABS gaming ...