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Title: Monoblaster
Created: 27.05.2013 21:15

I can has bluetooth!
I can has bluetooth!...
The battery pack is pretty easy to replace. It is held on place only by velcro.

It is a 12 V li-on battery cased in plastic, pretty durable and robust.

It is labeled "9800mAh" but it is closer to 2-3 Ah really. Still enough to play at full volume for one night though.
The battery pack is ...
The glass table projected a nice "waveform" on the backside. :)
The glass table proj...
This blaster is rather simple compared to the yellow B3. There is only the input, and even the power switch is integrated in the battery itself. Volume is controlled from the input device, phone etc. 
I am going to add a bluetooth receiver later though.
This blaster is rath...
The amplifier is cooled directly to the side plate. Attached with the black screws is a small block of aluminum which connects to the chip itself.
The amplifier is coo...
Some leather then.
Some leather then....
Moar Blasters! So, fake leather or some kind of paint?
Moar Blasters! So, f...
the front is 18mm plywood but its milled for lessening weight.
the front is 18mm pl...
New blaster taking shape.
It will mainly be made from previous blasters spare parts.

Epoxy fixed visaton bg20 and a sure electronics 2x50W amplifier with another channel broken..
New blaster taking s...