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Age: 40
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 23.07.2010 17:27

willek - Here are the blasters innards:2x Visaton BG 20Some Lion-batteries from DXAmp6-BasicUSb+SD-card mp3 player with remote.Of course

Here are the blasters innards:
2x Visaton BG 20
Some Lion-batteries from DX
USb+SD-card mp3 player with remote.

Of course there will also be a plug for external players like phones and mp3-players.

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28.04.2012 20:33 JjonThanks willek. I own u one ;)
28.04.2012 19:36 willekFor example they recommend 30 liter closed box.. My blaster has only 20 liters or so per driver, and they work just fine. It is not rocket sciece. :D
28.04.2012 19:33 willekWell there is the "recommended cabinets" table, you dont need dimensions, the size and form of the cabinet does not matter, just the total volume of the box.
28.04.2012 14:39 JjonI didnt see the case drawning in there? o.O I think Im just blind
27.04.2012 23:17 willekYes you can: http://www.41hz.com
27.04.2012 23:17 willekhttp://www.visaton.com/en/chassis_zubehoer/breitband/bg20_8.html
27.04.2012 22:46 JjonCan u order these amplifiers in finland? And where I could find the case dimensions for BG20?
29.07.2011 18:33 theme07ok
29.07.2011 18:31 willekThe usb/sd mp3 player is from ebay..
17.05.2011 16:13 willekIt is the amp6 basic from www.41Hz.com, but it does not have adjustable volume built in. I just added a 22 kohm potentiometer before the input.
17.05.2011 15:27 JjonWere did you get that amplifier with adjustable volume?