Nick: willek  Info
Age: 40
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 24.07.2010 14:23

willek - -


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28.10.2010 14:08 nanodamn. looks like hiuspampula84 should look at his own projects for once...
28.10.2010 13:09 willekAnd hiuspampula, please leave the shits and fucks out. I see rebelmon has more projects "done by his own hand" than you.
28.10.2010 13:08 willekDuh of cource it is not finished. Cant you people understand sarcasm? Just testing the speaker enclosures in this picture.
28.10.2010 01:41 hiuspampula84You think it doesn't look like unfinished shit? ... Learn to do something with your own hands and come fuck with me then.
28.10.2010 00:57 rebelmonIt must be true what they say about "laihialaiset"...
28.10.2010 00:01 hiuspampula84whole system looks ugly. It looks like it isn't finished.
27.10.2010 23:52 willekToo bad then. They are supposed to be there.
27.10.2010 23:48 hiuspampula84This looks ugly. I don't like these wires there!
27.10.2010 23:30 willekwhat! where?
27.10.2010 22:31 hiuspampula84Clean up that wiremess!
24.07.2010 14:49 JipaDoes it flex at high volume?