Nick: willek  Info
Age: 40
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 11.11.2010 21:16
Categories: Home entertainment

willek - Looks like a new project..

Looks like a new project..

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12.11.2010 12:37 willekI dont like the connecting parts either..
12.11.2010 10:43 drakminjust forget the stand part in the link ;D
12.11.2010 10:40 drakminhttp://www.parts-express.com/projectshowcase/tubular/tubular-lg.jpg
12.11.2010 01:17 JipaI bet he's going to make another tube for the tweeter
12.11.2010 00:39 worderrori guess that is enclousure for that midbass driver , and rest of the speaker is for the tweeter + damping.
11.11.2010 22:01 willek:D It is not a paper roll of anykind. An not a subwoofer either.
11.11.2010 21:37 JipaI don't know what kind of paper you use for wiping, but I bet the stuff that's been on that roll is a bit too coarse for my liking :D
11.11.2010 21:21 FethrySo you intergrated a subwoofer into a toiletpaperroll? Nice imgination. :)