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Age: 40
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 21.02.2011 20:40
Categories: Home entertainment

willek - Old and new guard. Which is better? :D

Old and new guard. Which is better? :D

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23.02.2011 13:08 anacronthe new ones make the old guards look like trash :D
23.02.2011 00:21 willekIt is just some fabric scavenged from old speakers.
22.02.2011 22:25 gerlinger20where did you get the speaker covers (the black ones), i mean from which company or shop??
22.02.2011 14:42 willekdrakmin, blue led and so forth. Not a comlete circle because I didnt like how they looked.
22.02.2011 14:31 JipaNew ones. That said, I'd still happily take those old ones for our next version :>
22.02.2011 14:10 drakminto be more constructive in my opinion the blaster itself has enough and good form. any additional new shape or detail is eating the power of the original shape. i would put the guards inside the fabric just to show perfect black circles ;D
22.02.2011 14:08 drakmin100-0 for the new, but i must still cry why not complete circle? it would be 10000-0 then
22.02.2011 10:51 Regunew!
21.02.2011 20:52 YarikoThis looks fine, so use both :D
21.02.2011 20:49 metalfusionNew, definitely.