Nick: willek  Info
Age: 40
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 22.02.2011 15:22
Categories: Full case

willek - What is this?

What is this?

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17.04.2011 15:30 willekalfons: You usually pay more when you want something better ;)
17.04.2011 10:48 JaverhDivision by zero is usually undefined but that does not mean it is impossible.
17.04.2011 02:16 alfonsIn math dividing to zero is impossible. -> "case divided to zero". Ps. I find building diy cases somewhat pointless if they cost several times more than commercial ones.. imho, though its always more fun to DIY
22.02.2011 19:16 willekWith the blasters guards NOT seen here the total was about 250 euros.
22.02.2011 19:05 drakminhow many imperial euros was the cost for the material and cutting seen here?
22.02.2011 16:30 HochramI'm not alone :)
22.02.2011 16:23 willekOh, another internet meme. No wonder I didnt get it.
22.02.2011 16:01 Hochramehm....I meant something like "exploded", I find out this thing of "divided by zero" on the web, seems to be very popular....mah :D
22.02.2011 15:57 willekdidnt get it :(
22.02.2011 15:52 HochramA case divided by zero lol
22.02.2011 15:23 Gammalfhmmm...main parts of a battle mech?