Nick: willek  Info
Age: 40
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 24.03.2011 16:01
Categories: Home entertainment

willek - Desk.


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06.04.2011 17:14 willekThanks!
06.04.2011 11:51 LgnThis is very nice! Great inspiration source. :)
31.03.2011 16:33 willekI'll do that when I get my lazy butt up the chair and clean the wiremess from the floor too.
31.03.2011 15:04 hisinfernalmajestyVery nice and clean! Although I would run the speaker wires along/behind the metallic arms that hold the speakers. otherwise amazing work!
26.03.2011 21:09 willekNot very hard.. all the parts can be seen in the pictures :)
26.03.2011 16:00 JjonHard to build maybe? Could you tell me all the parts that I need to make that? I thought I could build this at school. Sorry for too much questions. :D
25.03.2011 21:40 willekIt didnt cost much since I had almost everything "in stock" 0-50 euros max.
25.03.2011 21:39 willekCopy away. It is not like I have a patent for this. :D Besides plagiatry is the sincerest form of flattery. :)
25.03.2011 21:01 FethryDat true.
25.03.2011 20:44 Reguno need to ask permission, but it´s polite
25.03.2011 20:13 FethryYou don't need to ask permission for copying the idea, as he has no copyright. Just saying.
25.03.2011 18:26 JjonHow much this finally costed to you? Looks very nice so does it matter if maybe copy the idea?
25.03.2011 10:46 YarikoThis reminds me about Matrix-movies, not sure why... Nice job :)
24.03.2011 20:31 alfonsvery disturbing boggly eyes! :D
24.03.2011 19:28 metalfusionVery futuristic. Looks like a space fighter or something.
24.03.2011 18:44 JspecInsanely nice job!
24.03.2011 17:55 FethryAwesome! Too bad there's some wires behind the speakers :( Also the table should be better. How 'bout modding this? It looks nice but the shelves under it... bah.
24.03.2011 16:54 JapalaNext thing to do is to cover those metallic arms with leather to match the speakers? :)
24.03.2011 16:47 BuilderiAwesome! Now you need a new table ;)