Nick: willek  Info
Age: 40
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 24.06.2012 18:50
Categories: Audio

willek - Damage!


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24.02.2013 11:53 willekI would recommend trying to get epoxy beetween the black metal frame and the lower magnet cover plate.. not too deep though, so it doesent stick to the speaker coil.
23.02.2013 21:48 alfonshuh.. Maybe I do some preventative reinforcements. Bg's are just so dirty cheap, its hard to choose more expensive drivers..
23.02.2013 19:14 willekyeah, those 8" have a bit crappy build quality and really heavy magnets.. My next blaster will have neodym magnets on the drivers..
23.02.2013 18:05 JipaThe magnets aren't all that well fastened on these Visaton drivers, we actually snapped two magnets loose from our Kyykkäblaster(TM).. The epoxy snapped and the magnets were just loosely hanging there with rivets.
23.02.2013 16:31 alfonsBy itself? wow.. Thats little weird
23.02.2013 16:27 willekThe blaster went donwstairs.. by itself. The magnet got ripped off the driver.
23.02.2013 16:22 alfonsHow and what happened here?