Nick: willek  Info
Age: 40
Location: Tampere



Uploaded: 31.03.2015 19:47
Categories: Mopeds, motorcycles and ATVs

willek - Ready to ride!

Ready to ride!

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17.04.2015 09:23 LcdloOk. Thanks! So i use aluminun tape too. :-)
14.04.2015 18:24 willekI think that is what the nail polish is used for, but I didn't use it. The smaller area tape I used was aluminum tape and it held on pretty well without the nail polish..
13.04.2015 12:12 Lcdloi would like to try this, but i have one question... Sorry for using finnish, but i dont know how to write it in english. (Tuo ohjeessa mainittu kynsilakka. Rajataanko sillä alue joka halutaan etsata, eli tiivistetään teippi kiinni teräkseen?) ... edit. And in the same minute after i wrote my question.. i got it. :)
06.04.2015 15:42 willekThanks :)
05.04.2015 20:06 LcdloReally nice result. :-)