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Uploaded: 28.10.2007 14:56
Categories: Room and Desk Shots

Errtu - 15.4" TFT for movies.Steel frame is holding it on CRT.

15.4" TFT for movies.

Steel frame is holding it on CRT.

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24.11.2007 21:18 leipanice :D
08.11.2007 16:56 Akameyep it was 3360*1050 ^_^ my bad :)
29.10.2007 08:16 ErrtuKazoo: Actually 15,4" (16:9) is only 1" narrower than 19" (4:3). JohnEdward: Yes, I have some applets for G15.. some done by myself (with lcd studio), and some downloaded from g15mods.com. Gotta try those you are recommending..
29.10.2007 08:03 ErrtuI don't think I need projector for movies, if I'm watching them 1m (3feet) away. Of course I have big(ish) TV too, but I can't see it if I'm sitting near my computer taple..
29.10.2007 07:55 ErrtuMakekaze: There is no problems with sharpness of TFT, 'cos that's sharpless. It's good enough to watch movies and surfing, but not for playing.
28.10.2007 18:37 JohnEdwardGet some real G15 applets... SirReal's Sysinfo and Ray's Winamp plugins rule. Also, mirandaG15 and trillianG15 plugins are nice, msn from ingame without alt+tab <3
28.10.2007 17:26 kazoohmm.. Why you watch movies from that small TFT, if you have bigger crt? Nice setup anyways..
28.10.2007 16:37 kezmah: videotykki is also know as projector..
28.10.2007 16:21 kezmahnice one.. I have 22" wide for playing and Videotykki for movies :P
28.10.2007 16:18 how in the hell you can use that combination? personally my eyes shout for help is theres a tft screen next to a crt.. (the problem comes from the sharpness of the tft and the smoothnes of the crt)
28.10.2007 15:43 kazooCool. I have been wondering something like that.. I mean putting a TFT on wall.
28.10.2007 15:36 nixarighetto :D