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Title: Desk Shots
Created: 08.03.2008 01:56
Random pics of my computing environment.
Old pic from before the move.
Old pic from before ...
This is the same desk and chair as in my other desk shot, but with the arm on the opposite side. I've moved recently, thats why the different room.

Center LCD is held using an lcd arm attached to the desk hidden behind the left LCD. I also plan a third LCD on the right for a desktop area equal to 4320x900.

Also shows Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1. Surround speakers are IN the chair. I'll get pics soon showing that.
This is the same des...
This is my basic setup in my lounge. What you are looking at is a simple desk bought from walmart, a pair of Acer 19inch Widescreen TFT monitors with casing removed, a MSFT Wireless Laser 6000 Mouse, Saitek Executive backlit Keyboard,  as well as part of my 5.1 audio package from Logitech. 

I know the image is of poor quality due to my only having my razr to photograph with at the moment.
This is my basic set...

Title: Enermax CS-800
Created: 08.03.2008 01:48

OLD picture from mid 2006 of my rig in an Enermax CS-800.

I got it because of the color. I knew it would annoy my room mate. lol

It was a nice case. I'm thinking of getting another and modding it.
OLD picture from mid...

Title: things i want
Created: 14.02.2008 23:05
Random cool things I\'ve seen on the intar-web
Oh man... i saw this online....

I WANT.. lol

Oh man... i saw this...

Title: Silverstone TJ09
Created: 09.02.2008 03:22

This is the left side of the case showing the window and left side video card / HDD cooling intake area.

There is also a Thermaltake i-Cage takes up 3x 5.25" bays. This allows you to mount 3x 3.5" HDDs as well as a 120mm fan to cool the HDDs and/or provide air intake.

There is a center mounted 120mm fan mounted internally that draws air in from both sides of the case through a hole in the side panel. 

The HDD area is cooled using a 120mm fan mounted between the 2 HDD cages that pulls cold air in through the mesh on both side panels, and down through a vent on the bottom of the case under the HDD area.

This keeps the HDD area cool and DOES NOT allow warm air from the HDDs to re-enter the case to be used to cool the PCI area of the motherboard.
This is the left sid...
Left side of the case again.

You can see pretty clearly the intended use of the window :)

As well as how the internally mounted 120mm intake fan draws cool air in from outside the case.

There is a 1" by 5" vertical hole right through from one side to the other with mesh  infront of the fan to avoid stray fingers from getting chopped, and the PITA* fan from getting broken and having to be replaced.

* Pain In The Ass : The fan is mounted in a shroud that is held in place by 4 TINY screws in a VERY inconvenient location if you are to ever replace/change the fan.

I will at some time mod this shroud with a hinge and a single normal case screw so I can easily replace/clean the fan.
Left side of the cas...
This shows the i-Cage and front of the case.

Later I will be putting in a fan controller above this and modding the aluminum 5.25" face plates with mesh for a cleaner look. You can see a single stock face plate above the i-Cage.
This shows the i-Cag...
This shows the inside behind the 5.25" area, the center mounted internal intake fan and HDD cages.

You can see 3 of my SATA drives mounted in the i-Cage. I did this because I would need longer SATA cables [36" to 42"] to route and hide the cable if the drives were in the HDD cooling area. As i did not want to buy new cables yet, the drives go in the i-Cage. The temps are LOW, I mean low. The highest HDD temp is the WD SATAII 250gb @ 22C. My OS drive sits @ 19C and my ISO storage HDD sits @ 20C. The 4th drive[below the i-Cage] sits @ 21 and the IDE drive sits @ 24C with almost no airflow.

As you can see the shroud for that fan is rather impressive and quite difficult to get off. Mainly because you have to find the 4 tiny screws holding it to the case, remove it, then take the shroud apart[another 4 screws] to replace/clean the fan. This is VERY difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE to do with the motherboard tray in the case.
This shows the insid...
Here you see the motherboard, video cards, ram, cpu cooler and power supply.

You can also see the mesh for the internal intake fan.

Cable management in this case is a BIOTCH without long cables. An extender can be used to rout the 4 pin 12 volt behind the mobo tray if it isn't long enough. Mine was about 3cm short of being able to do this. So i ran the cable underneath the fairly large gap in front of the PCI slots above the motherboard to reach the 4pin 12volt.

Asus design of the A8N-SLI Premium is flawless except when it comes to the 4pin 12volt[should have been an 8pin 24volt] and the easy-plug to give more power to mobo for the second video card.

I say that there should have been an 8pin 24volt because that would have eliminated the need for the easy-plug all together.

What you see:
Zalman 9500 CU on top of an AMD Opteron 170 @ 2.7ghz [270x10 w/ 4xHTT] [34C idle / 48C load]
4GB Patriot EL LLK DDR-400 @ DDR-450 w/ 2.5-3-2-5 timings
Asus A8N-SLI Premium
2x 7800GT-OC @ 510/1100 w/ Zalman VF-700 CU
Creative SB A2 ZS
Antec NeoPwer 650 HE [80+]

And that lone 160GB 7200rpm IDE hiding in the HDD cooling area.

I have moved that molex line under the front of the pci cards as I did with the 4pin 12volt. Looks much cleaner now without that cable in sight.

Since this pic the slave 7800gt became a sparkler. I have replaced it with a 7950gt and will be replacing the still working 7800gt with a second 7950gt.

I have also tracked down my instability issues to the A2ZS and it is now out of the machine and sold. I now have room for a PCI video card for the 2nd LCD and 3rd later, while still having SLI. :woot:
Here you see the mot...

Title: OS/Desktop
Created: 14.10.2006 01:51
Screens from various desktops, apps, and other softwares.
3DM06 - 9300

Image COLOUR INVERTED because green on white is hard on the eyes.... o.O

CPU: AMD Opteron 170 @ 2.64 [278x9.5] 1.5v
RAM: 4GB Patriot DDR-400 @ 440 [3-3-3-6 CR2] @ 2.8v
GPU: 2x BFG 7950GT-OC [1.45vcore]
Core: 610
Mem: 810 [1620 effective]

OS: Win XP64 SP1 [Error updating to SP2]
3DM06 - 9300...
Despite what some may say. THIS IS WINDOWS. I am using a port of fluxbox, [linux desktop environment], called xoblite. My OS is WinXP PRO x64 and have no problems with it whatsoever. [Besides the occasional crash, but thats windoze for ya.] All being what it is, it is not bad.

full size is 2880x900

Please comment.
Despite what some ma...

Title: IBM Netfinity 5000
Created: 14.10.2006 01:49
Pics from my recently converted IBM Netfinity 5000 server chassis.
Oh man. I miss this case and the air vortex it made.

Old pic I thought I had lost.
Oh man. I miss this ...
This is how my IBM looked about 5 days before the 3 HDD's were mounted to the top inside of the chassis.

What you are looking at :

     --> BFG NVidia GeForce 7800 GT OC

     --> ASUS A8N-SLI Premium

CPU [Although you cant see it]
     --> AMD 3200+ s939 2000Mhz [OC to 2.5 - respectable for passive cooling and a stubborn chip]
     --> Thermaltake Fanless 103 passive cooler

     --> 2048Mb Kingston Hyper-X PC3200[ddr400] OC'ed to PC4200

     --> SB Audigy 2 ZS

PSU [Right behind the big white and black label to the right of the pic]
     --> HEC Power Op 475
This is how my IBM l...
This is not so much a mod as it is a necessary adjustment to the case. I have decided to begin modification of an IBM Netfinity 5000 server chassis.

As far as I know I am the only one to attempt a mod on this chassis. I have been told so by the founder of modthebox.com and through my various search strings on the web. 

What you are seeing is
WD2500JS-SE SATAII 7200rpm
Maxtor 160 7200rpm
Seagate 160 7200rpm

These have been mounted to the top inside of the chassis by 1/8 inch holes drilled in the top of the chassis underneath the top/right sliding panel. 

The drives are mounted with standard course thread mobo offsets and then having a case screw applied to it through the top of the chassis into the offset holding the drive firmly in place upside down.

The power cord you see taped to the back of the chassis above the thermaltake fanless 103 is leading to the FRONT mounted power supply.

The cables have been cleaned up a bit since this pic was taken and will have an update to it ASAP.
This is not so much ...