Nick: jokuu  Info
Age: 28
Location: Rauma



Uploaded: 10.12.2007 16:21
Categories: Room and Desk Shots

jokuu - sellane kokoonpano mulla

sellane kokoonpano mulla

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20.06.2008 20:28 jokuuyes four way because those are car speakers
27.04.2008 12:48 alfonsfour way speakers? i see only 1 way there.. maybe two.
27.04.2008 12:31 Hebitaksdepressing :D
10.12.2007 20:58 JsB85that is total uglyness...
10.12.2007 17:39 JipaArgh! No car speakers indoors, please. And translate the description..
10.12.2007 17:21 jokuuwell..... no i havent got i dont need yet
10.12.2007 17:17 willekSo you got an amplifier capable of producing 300W per channel driving those?-)
10.12.2007 17:13 jokuui dont know maybe because they are four ways speakers and they are pretty power full speakers (2*300w)
10.12.2007 17:01 potkisWhy you use car speakers?
10.12.2007 16:56 jokuui havent got car :D
10.12.2007 16:56 drakminCar missing. (for the 6x9's etc.)
10.12.2007 16:54 potkisStar looks good. Write in english.
10.12.2007 16:54 willekLMAO! Put those speakers in the car they belong
10.12.2007 16:40 WiltsuROFL! Put those speakers to your room corners
10.12.2007 16:34 pertti85looks nice..:D nice star on the right side speaker..sub looks good.