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Uploaded: 16.10.2007 17:29
Categories: Full case | Cooling

Yoshi - Finally i managed to assemble a computer for my own use :)Intel E6400 + Scythe Infinity2048m G.Skill DDR2-800mhzDFI P35-T2RL Blo

Finally i managed to assemble a computer for my own use :)

Intel E6400 + Scythe Infinity
2048m G.Skill DDR2-800mhz
DFI P35-T2RL Blood-Iron
Palit 7950GT + Thermalright HR-03
Seasonic S-12 500W
Antec Sonata II
~1.0TB of HDDs

but damn, that case is SMALL when you start stacking up loads of big components into it :/

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08.11.2007 13:57 Akame7900GTX meni jo :<
25.10.2007 17:33 Yoshiin this picture there was only four, after taking this picture, I added 80gb 2.5" HDD too :)
25.10.2007 11:20 naake1few HDD:s :D
22.10.2007 21:49 YoshiPitääpä mitata tässä kun on aikaa
22.10.2007 21:48 Yoshii hope not :)
22.10.2007 18:26 perhaps you can say "byebye honey" to that 7950GT after you move your rig a bit..
22.10.2007 17:24 akeehEi varmaan tee pahaa laittaa jotain tukikeppiä tms tuohon yhteen nurkkaan. :)
22.10.2007 16:42 JapalaItse väittäisin myös, että kortti vääntyy. Otas mitta kotelon lattiasta kortin eri nurkkiin ja voit yllättyä...
22.10.2007 16:40 Yoshisanosin että kuva vääristää.
22.10.2007 10:18 nixariNäyttää siltä että näyttis roikkuu/taipuu alaspäin ton jäähyn takia? Tai sitten vaan kuva vääristää.
17.10.2007 12:17 YoshiNot yet, but DVD+-RW S-ATA is on its way :)
17.10.2007 07:57 ErrtuThat is why I like modular PSUs. You don't have an optical drive?
16.10.2007 20:21 YoshiAnd yeah, i know the wires are messy, but seasonic S12 has like 1000 cables and there is just no room in that case to stuff them :(
16.10.2007 20:20 YoshiI haven't even started this PC yet, so the test results are on their way. The Antec Sonata 2 is great case but one big mistake: no fan in front of HDD cage :(
16.10.2007 18:39 HaoKiYup...;)
16.10.2007 18:37 JipaI suppose the fan mounted to the HDD-cage is designed to kinda cool down the disks ;)
16.10.2007 18:31 nanoSweet! the cables look a bit messy tho :
16.10.2007 18:17 HaoKiI've had a similar setup for a long time and the hottest HHDs never got over 45c. The only difference is that I had the secondary fan installed in the case behind the HDDs
16.10.2007 18:14 JipaI'm a bit worried about those HDDs, they seem so stuffed :( Have you tested their temps?
16.10.2007 17:37 HaoKiYou really have come a long way from the first pics you've posted here. The cable management looks great here... Great to see that you've learned from all of those computers that you have built for sale...;)
16.10.2007 17:33 Yoshivain kuvan ottamisen ajan :)
16.10.2007 17:32 WeZaide kovon virtajohto puuttuu ;)