Nick: Yoshi  Info
Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 20.02.2008 16:47
Categories: Full case

Yoshi - NZXT RogueE63202gb DDR2-800mhzIntel DG31PR MATXIntegroitu näyttis toistaiseksi80gb 2.5" S-ATA520W Trust

NZXT Rogue
2gb DDR2-800mhz
Integroitu näyttis toistaiseksi
80gb 2.5" S-ATA
520W Trust

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21.02.2008 10:11 YoshiThis really is a big ass minipc n_n
21.02.2008 03:56 bluebrightnar, still to fat for my liking. It is blue, so it gets props.
20.02.2008 21:35 nixarioops i mean that THIS case costs half as much as mine :)
20.02.2008 21:30 Jipanixari: which of your cases is supposed to cost 320 €?
20.02.2008 21:01 nixariThat case looks much more steadier and looks better than mine but it costs half as much
20.02.2008 18:03 YoshiYup
20.02.2008 17:54 laurilrIs this the case that Jipa was selling?
20.02.2008 17:32 YoshiWith bit better design it could eat whole ATX form mobos :/
20.02.2008 17:12 JipaYeah made me wonder why it's so wide.. there seems to be absolutely no reason for that as it's only mATX anyway.
20.02.2008 17:05 YoshiNot bad :) One bad thing is that it is REALLY big :/ They could have done it much smaller :/
20.02.2008 17:02 JipaWhat's your opinion on the case? Any good?