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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 24.02.2008 20:54
Categories: Other Computer Components

Yoshi - EVGA e-Geforce 7950GX2 SuperClockedThis goes to Rogue :)

EVGA e-Geforce 7950GX2 SuperClocked

This goes to Rogue :)

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26.02.2008 21:29 YoshiI really could change this for some gfx but you have to pay a bit :)
26.02.2008 18:45 sepochange to my geforce 7900 GS lol
26.02.2008 18:13 YarikoYou can giv it to me for free ^^ It lloks cool :D
26.02.2008 18:00 YoshiYeah. It is sad though that my intel matx board does not support this card so this has to go somewhere else :(
26.02.2008 11:52 ZseLotHI'd like to see when in tact graphics gard would be useless... it still is quite powerful card even for gaming.
26.02.2008 11:40 BARTMANit'
26.02.2008 11:40 BARTMANtoo bad this thing is almost useless right now, single 8800GTS G80 beats if ;]
25.02.2008 20:01 laurilrWow, this is extreme short ;o
24.02.2008 22:26 Yoshiabout that
24.02.2008 21:38 JipaHow long is it? about 24 cm?
24.02.2008 21:18 YoshiYup :)
24.02.2008 21:17 ScaleoMy card is bigger ;D
24.02.2008 21:09 YoshiIt is not so big tho :E
24.02.2008 21:03 vikiIt looks BIIIG =D