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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 14.04.2008 23:53
Categories: Full case | Cooling

Yoshi - Yet another one for sale :)E66002gb Corsair XMS2Asus P5WDG2 WS ProAsus 8800GTS 640mBeQuiet 500WA+ Dark TrooperDVD+RWNo HDD yet

Yet another one for sale :)

2gb Corsair XMS2
Asus P5WDG2 WS Pro
Asus 8800GTS 640m
BeQuiet 500W
A+ Dark Trooper
No HDD yet

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27.04.2008 21:57 YoshiYeah, and with quick test i reached easily 950mhz @ 2.0V
27.04.2008 15:05 ToymachineOh.. all xms2's are 800mhz :D
27.04.2008 14:52 Toymachineyep i've noticed that :) im using those sticks right now :P are those sticks 667 or 800mhz?
27.04.2008 14:47 YoshiCorsairs working fine :)
15.04.2008 17:40 YoshiHaven't ran any tests yet but they were good for the value :)
15.04.2008 15:40 Toymachinehow's that corsair memory working? im getting same for my next PC :P
15.04.2008 01:12 YoshiEven if the G80 cards are already bit outdated, they still are some hell of a cards when it comes to gaming :)
15.04.2008 00:31 HochramAnd do you call it work? lol
15.04.2008 00:18 JipaSneaky buggar managed to sell a G80 GTS to someone :>