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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 28.05.2008 01:17
Categories: Other Computer Components

Yoshi - Asus Maximus Formula SEIntel Core2Duo E6600Scythe OrochiThis is something B.I.G

Asus Maximus Formula SE
Intel Core2Duo E6600
Scythe Orochi

This is something B.I.G

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27.01.2009 07:04 JiikaxYou clearly like big stuff like 7900GX2 and this etc ;DD
29.12.2008 20:56 EeroI can only imagine that to weight a TON. xD
29.12.2008 20:26 CaineH-O-L-Y S-H-I-T
28.05.2008 13:40 aMigaYoshi that is bigger than mammoth imo:)
28.05.2008 11:17 YoshiEven Stacker cant make this mammoth look small :) And yes, there is enough room for RAM but i think i have to remove the cooler to be able to install them :/
28.05.2008 09:17 vikiIs there even enough space for RAM ? Lol
28.05.2008 07:59 PullaUazManWell, put those in that Stacker if you want to make those to look small :D
28.05.2008 07:39 laurilrJust attach the cooler to the case, the mobo doesn't have to be attached then =)
28.05.2008 02:10 something big yeah, efficient is it's own count :/