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Uploaded: 25.06.2008 19:30
Categories: Full case

Yoshi - YES !At last, the first run of Briefcasecomp !E2140 + Boxed1gb DDR2-667P5GC-VM80gb HDD250W Slim type PSUAluminum briefcase vente


At last, the first run of Briefcasecomp !

E2140 + Boxed
1gb DDR2-667
80gb HDD
250W Slim type PSU
Aluminum briefcase vented with two 50mm fans

CPU temps 50'c in idle and load about 74'c with orthos. But hell, who is going to run orthos with this for hours ? This is going to be just a surfing machine.

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26.06.2008 12:51 YoshiNo need to underclock, those temps are just fine. My idea from the beginning was to leave the big aluminum sides intact.
26.06.2008 09:59 pctonadd some air holes above that cpu fan, let it breathe
26.06.2008 02:04 kuppazkiwhy dont u downclock it if its going to be just for surfin?
25.06.2008 19:43 YoshiYes.
25.06.2008 19:41 ScaleoYou use this normal 1,6 Ghz?
25.06.2008 19:32 YoshiStill to do: mount PSU and HDD properly, organize the wiremess, adjust RPM of those fans
25.06.2008 19:31 vikiLooking good.