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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 25.06.2008 19:40
Categories: Full case

Yoshi - A glimpse inside

A glimpse inside

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28.06.2008 00:18 YoshiNot easily, some kinda airguide could do the trick but i think it is not worth it. PSU is running quite cool in my opinion. High CPU temps are because of fan control is set to quiet and the little air over fan.
27.06.2008 21:24 hjalmarcan you turn the psu to blow directly out side ? it shud lower the temps more
26.06.2008 01:19 YoshiSo true, that case is 70mm thick and CPU fan is almost already hitting the roof so there is no room to spare :/ 2.5" HDD is going to be changed into a 3.5" one.
25.06.2008 23:43 NormimodiNot gonna happen, not enough room and temps are gonna bumb like granny at market if you attach a tft to this
25.06.2008 21:09 djsepiyou should but tft screen inside the cover.