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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 20.11.2008 20:27
Categories: Full case | Cooling

Yoshi - Exterior almost completed :)

Exterior almost completed :)

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29.03.2009 21:03 YoshiUnfortunately couple days ago i took the hard drive out of this box and this is no longer in use. I have similar system under way for four HDDs.
29.03.2009 18:40 rippePiano black!
29.03.2009 18:22 JiikaxLooks very good, but would look awesome with some paint, maybe black or something? ;D
21.11.2008 10:08 shibbyFront mesh is lovely! Nice work!
20.11.2008 21:39 YoshiAlso it had to be made a bit smaller.
20.11.2008 21:38 YoshiIt was old speaker mesh which got a cut to one corner to fit the switch and led
20.11.2008 21:01 rippeVeeeery nice, i really love that mesh, how did you do it? :)
20.11.2008 20:43 HaoKiNice work! I really like the shape of the front mesh. Gives some character to the otherwise plain shape :)
20.11.2008 20:35 YarikoLooks pretty damn good :)
20.11.2008 20:29 NiBaSo nice..